Maison et Objet September 2014: 11 table decorations to redo at home

Maison et Objet September 2014: 11 table decorations to redo at home

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During the Maison & Objet trade fair, brands compete for ideas to stage their products with pretty set tables. A boon for us, the visitors, on the lookout for small details to find table decorations that will hit the bull's eye. Discover 11 tables staged during the show that can be copied at home. Because we too want to do like the pros!

At Present Time

Household appliances A modern table which puts on the graphic side and distills some fluorescent touches to awaken a wise porcelain. At home, we buy a fluorescent ribbon by the meter which will be used to create table rings.

At Fancy Home Collection

Household appliances The savannah spirit reigns on this table: the noble and raw materials are sublimated. At home, we copy the idea of ​​small glass bells to put on plates.

At Variopinte

Household appliances An all-enamel table that focuses on simplicity and even radicality. At home, we invest in entirely white cutlery, it changes and it's simply chic!

At Côté Table

Household appliances Nature invades this table with its fall tones. At home, we take up the idea of ​​multiple centerpieces, ideal for large tables.

At Fancy Home Collection

Appliances Orange is a precious color, as this luxurious table proves. At home, we take the opportunity to invite friends to Halloween and make them a creepy chic table.

At Athezza

Household appliance Polar atmosphere for this table dedicated to the end of year celebrations. At home, we prepare for Christmas by choosing white and golden dishes, the trendy colors of this winter.

At Versace

Black, green and gold household appliances, the colors of great Italian luxury. It is sumptuous and it throws some, for those who are not afraid of the external signs of wealth. At home, we focus on the magical combination of green and black for an original table.

At Athezza

Household appliances A pastel and refreshing table that gets along wonderfully with warmer wood. Do it again at home for a brunch, so you can mix plates, mugs and bowls without anyone wondering.

At Asa Collection

Household appliances This table confirms the big comeback of copper this year, which works with both white and black. At home, we catch the idea of ​​copper balls to be placed on the table for decoration.

At Angel des Montagnes

Household appliances At home, we take up the trick of black cutlery in an entirely white environment. It stands out in the middle of all this purity but it does not detract from the refined chic of this table.


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