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Glass bricks to enhance the shower

Glass bricks to enhance the shower

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To let the light through the shower without losing its privacy, the glass block is an excellent solution. And on the decor side, its very graphic grid brings a real style to your bathroom! The good news ? The glass block is very easy to install.

A glass wall: significant advantages

Castorama If you choose to opt for a glass shower screen, know that in addition to these undeniable aesthetic advantages, the glass bricks are solid, durable over time and offer perfect resistance to humidity. They are therefore highly recommended in the bathroom.

A partition to delimit the shower space

Lapeyre If you have a large walk-in shower, you can delimit the space using a glass brick partition that will visually separate the space without locking yourself in the shower. A very decorative solution!

A glass wall to illuminate the shower

Leroy Merlin If your shower is placed between three walls, opt for the glass block to let the light pass on the last wall. For a preserved privacy, you can use a dark colored brick which will also be very decorative!

A shower with very decorative effects

Monsieur Bricolage To replace the often simple glass walls, you can bet on a glass brick partition with decorative effects. Then choose a mixture of colorless bricks with a few bricks in a bright color to create a graphic and cheerful style.

A shower entirely made of glass bricks

Leroy Merlin For an original effect, why not create the shower enclosure entirely in glass bricks? You can then opt for an original shape that will be an integral part of your bathroom.

A designer shower screen

Architonic To bring a trendy and decorative touch to your shower space, you can also delimit this space using an original shower screen made of glass bricks which thus makes it possible to define the "water" space of the rest of the bathroom.

A glass window to illuminate the shower

Lapeyre If you lack light in your bathroom or simply in your shower space, a tip is to transform a traditional window using glass bricks. This solution allows light to enter the space while preserving the privacy of the occupants.

Red glass bricks to energize the bathroom

Leroy Merlin No need to spend a fortune to wake up an overly sober and impersonal bathroom. It is enough to delimit the shower space from the rest of the room using a colored brick wall which will undoubtedly bring punch and dynamism to this too strict space. Red, green, blue, yellow… it's up to you to choose the ambiance you want to give to your bathroom.

Glass bricks give depth to the shower area

Ludi's Home The wide range of colors also makes it possible to associate their colors with the dominant colors of the bathroom as here with these bricks of orange and gray glass which harmonize perfectly with the basin with the orange interior and the gray walls which will also bring depth to the shower area.

Glass bricks: a decorative element in its own right

Leroy Merlin If you can not make your choice, know that there are a multitude of colors that it is possible to combine as desired to make the walls of the bathroom more cheerful. Elegant and original decorative elements, they undeniably add style to all spaces and nooks.

Mix the materials

Aptason Decorative and practical, the glass brick partition is now available in many colors and finishes: satin, opaque, translucent, checkered, bubbled, parallel waves ... In place of the traditional shower wall, we mix then bricks in different colors and materials to create a graphic and inimitable style in the bathroom.

Expand the space with glass bricks

Elodie Rothan To visually enlarge the space, we select delicate materials, neutral tones and we do not hesitate to install, as a shower screen, glass tiles that will bring transparency and give a feeling of space. to the bathroom.

A brick wall to delimit the space

Solaris In the bathroom, glass brick is often used as a partition. To delimit the "water" space of the sanitary space without partitioning the space, we create a transparent brick wall.

Harmonize glass bricks in the environment

Pittsburgh Corning The geometrical appearance of a glass brick wall imposes a suitable style of room and furnishing. Glass bricks are self-sufficient and therefore do not support overloaded or motley atmospheres. So, if the tiles match perfectly with the bricks, avoid the tiles with loaded patterns and think of square tiles if the pavers are also square.


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