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Ikéa: A new collection to share for 2013-2014 (continued)

Ikéa: A new collection to share for 2013-2014 (continued)

After a first selection in the new 2013-2014 collection from Ikea, the editorial staff again fell for a few objects. Whether practical, fun, design or all three at the same time, a quick overview of our latest favorites.

Colorful living room

Ikea To add color to the living room, you don't hesitate in choosing a sofa covered with orange and white checkered fabric. If you find that you still lack color, we add a table and a pop cushion.

A table graphically

Ikea Once everyone is at the table, we have fun playing with the codes of black and white. Graphic and electric, this tableware collection will energize your daily meals.

Vintage table

Ikea Launched under the name of Lovet, which means leaf, this table becomes legendary after returning from a shoot for the 1956 catalog. Too bulky to fit in the boot of the car of the founder and designer of Ikea, they decide to unscrew the feet and store it flat. From there are born the brand's flat packs.

Tart dishes

Ikea The black and white collection is available in a pretty chick yellow. The patterns are the same but the colors change. Less graphic, the yellow sun will give it a touch of color to your meals.

TV bench

Ikea This all-metal storage unit is a TV unit. But thanks to its storage, it also places the decoder of the television, the remote controls, some magazines. Practical and design!

Family office

Ikea In a small space between the living room and the kitchen, we manage to fit a real office for those who work at home. All in white it makes it possible to lighten the room and to gain in brightness. We think of organizing our documents well in boxes or binders.

Ikea for children

Ikea Simple design furniture that appeals to all ages, this is the niche of this junior collection. We find the classic Stuva in a colorful version to amuse the children.

In red and black

Ikea The new collection highlights textiles with childish patterns. They are placed in the bedroom of the smallest but also of the largest to integrate a playful touch.

Bath and shower

Ikea The room, which is very crowded in the morning and in the evening, does not always provide access to the privacy one dreams of. Lack of space requires order and ingenuity.