A touch of fantasy in the decor

A touch of fantasy in the decor

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To awaken the decor of your living room, your bedroom or the entrance a little, dare a little touch of fantasy. Whether it's an original wallpaper, an atypically shaped lamp or a slightly crazy print on household linen, it doesn't take much for the room to appear in a new light. . The proof with our selection of ideas.

Original patterns on the cushions

To wake up the sofa of the living room a little master key, we adopt without delay cushions with graphic patterns. If the color scares you, it is not a concern, choose them in shades of black and white.

A wall of mirrors

What a great idea to bring a little fantasy into the entrance! A graphic wallpaper in black and white, a multitude of witch mirrors of different sizes, and voila!

An original lamp

This living room dared the color in small touches here and there to give a little pep to the decor. The most original, however, remains the lamp in the shape of a colorful bird whose feathers on the head have been replaced by light bulbs.


Your duck blue cushion, you love it ... but since the time you have it, the color has gone a bit. To give it a second chance in your home, sew several rows of colored buttons in the middle. A new look, for a new life!

A design touch

After placing a black and white baroque wallpaper on the wall in the bedroom, think about the dose of originality. Without doing too much, the small bright red design lamp placed on the bedside, becomes the center of attention.

A door sticker

In your children's room, indulge in a few fantasies on the walls but also on the door, like this building-shaped sticker that brings a real decorative touch.

Junk Food trend

After the poufs in the shape of a cupcake, ice cream or even a donut signed Woouf, Junk Food invites itself into all the rooms of the house. You can also display in your living room, the photo of a huge burger, without risking the wrong note.

Fantasy on bed linen

In this room with the most traditional decoration, it is the duvet cover that makes all the difference with its two printed seahorses. More pics


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