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Clocks, decorative motifs in tune with the times

Clocks, decorative motifs in tune with the times

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While their hands are turning, in the decor, the clocks are the ones that make our heads spin. On table linen, paintings, wall and floor coverings, the object that usually tells us the time becomes a trendy motif that seems to freeze time, for once. Discover without delay, this quirky and original pattern in all its forms!

Clocks as decorative patterns

Castorama Clock time difference ### When it is 10 am in New York, it is already 3 pm in Paris and 11 pm in Tokyo! Yes, this long canvas sums up the time difference between the four corners of the world. A classic from Castorama to adopt urgently at home!

The ground collects clocks

Saint Maclou ### It looks like a retro air this carpet signed Saint Maclou. Completely covered with old-style clocks, it gives the space a surprisingly original look. One thing is certain, here, time has indeed stopped!

Freehand drawn clocks

Fly ### Another model of tea towel available at Fly: diagrams of clocks printed black on white. A bit arty and funnily graphic!

The sticker clock

Dezign ### See how this wall clock plays on us! Its base has been replaced by a sticker to create an illusion of trompe l'oeil. Only the needles are in the flesh! Direction!