10 bird shelters

10 bird shelters

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It's time to take the lead. With winter coming (and yes, already!), Prepare your garden to best accommodate all of these inhabitants, and in particular the birds. We offer a selection of nesting boxes, painted or natural. But beware ! So that this small population becomes familiar with the shelter, install it before the end of the fall. And find the whole range of garden sheds on the price comparison of. We have gathered hundreds of offers from garden & DIY merchants!

100% natural

Vivara A hollowed out birch log blends perfectly into your garden. With its optimal dimensions, this nest box easily accommodates all kinds of birds and can even contribute to the preservation of certain species. € 8.95

Like a subdivision

At Little Market Create a bird park with several small wooden huts. Perfect in the garden, these homemade birdhouses, with their studied style, this metal roof, and their different colors, give character to a fence like this one. 45 €

Pink, green or blue

Paintings Julien Remember to paint your wooden birdhouses! With these trendy stripes, they are very easy to make. Do not forget to apply a varnish to protect them from weather and UV.

Raw feeling

A Little Market This nest box accompanied by a manger is the dream landmark for the birds of your neighborhood. To place or install on a stand, this wooden and bark hut will naturally adapt to the decor. For a style marked by simplicity. 125 €


Le Paysan This little house will delight all bird lovers of all kinds. This modular wooden nesting box can accommodate many different species during the winter but also during the nesting period. 10.50 at Le Paysan

Bohemian birdhouse

Leroy Merlin This cabin will be the cozy shelter for your birds this winter. You can obviously customize this light wooden birdhouse according to your wishes. It is convenient ! 18 €

A real blue

At Little Market Give your garden some pep! This birdhouse painted in light blue contrasts with the surrounding green. A nice way to decorate your exterior. 25 €

For a different look

At Little Market Watch the birds at home with this hanging birdhouse! Made of fine birch plywood, you plan the garden with a lot of lightness and a very particular style. 35 €

Self service

Vivara Throughout the winter, the birds in your garden will have enough to eat. This chalet-style cabin is a precious source of energy during this period. You simply renew this small reserve regularly. € 37.99


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