Shades of beige for any decor

Shades of beige for any decor

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If there is one color that suits all interiors, it is beige! True chameleon color, its many shades allow to adapt to all styles while offering a warmer decor than white. In summary, beige has it all: the proof in 20 images!

Charming Beige

Maisons du monde In this interior with antique furniture, beige is perfectly suited to highlight the white of the furniture and the gray of the sofa. Beige brings softness to the room for a soothing atmosphere.

Natural beige

Leroy Merlin In this living room, beige in a fairly dark shade evokes nature on an entire wall. It responds particularly well to the parquet floor of the room as well as to the white elements for a harmonious whole.

Beige design

Ikea In this designer kitchen, beige is easily installed on the walls. We choose a light shade that will simply highlight the kitchen furniture in black and white while providing a warm atmosphere.

Ethnic beige

Dulux Valentine Beige can also be used to highlight colors with ethnic accents. We will appreciate for example beige with burgundy and dark wood. It will provide a clear and warm backdrop.

Country beige

Dulux Valentine In a country style, beige is ideal for bringing a timeless spirit to your walls. We then put on light shades that we associate with a little darker string to give style to your interior.

Contemporary beige

Dulux Valentine In a contemporary interior, beige is also suitable. We then put on a total beige look in light shades to create a cocoon of softness that is both warm and refreshing.

Beige seaside

Maisons du monde For a holiday feel, beige is installed in a seaside style! It evokes the softness of the sand and will marry skillfully with blue to really play the card of the beach.

Scandinavian beige

Alinéa If the Scandinavian style favors white and wood, beige will also be an excellent ally which provides a touch of softness and a transition color between pure white and golden wood.

Oriental beige

Alinéa Beige will also find its place in the backdrop of a warm oriental decoration where colors give pride of place to decorative objects.

Cocooning beige

Dulux Valentine If you like spending time in your room to pamper yourself, beige is the perfect color. We dare from floor to ceiling and we do not spare bed linen with beautiful materials.

Cute beige

Zara Home In a romantic and charming room, we opt without restraint for beige on the wall. It harmonizes perfectly with white wooden furniture and with bed linen which also likes shades of white or taupe.

Beige in gradient

Mires Paris The advantage with beige is that there are many of the lighter or darker. In a warm living room that likes light tones, you dare in all its variations.

Clean beige

Dulux Valentine Once the wall has been repainted in a yellow beige, this desk finds all its youth of yesteryear. Accompanied by a few touches of purple, it is perfectly in tune with the times.

Nordic beige

3 Suisses We know that the Scandinavian style is particularly fond of light tones and proves it once again in this dining room which has chosen beige for its main wall.

Beige family home

Zara Home Romantic, authentic, warm, beige has all the qualities to give your table a family home spirit as we like it. A beautiful tableware inherited from your great grandmother will find its place perfectly on this beige tablecloth with baroque patterns.

Charming Beige

Maisons du Monde This charming room has chosen to use beige as a veil to decorate its bed. Accompanied by light or dark gray, it blends perfectly with the decor.

Modern beige

Dulux Valentine The countryside and romantic styles are not for you, and you prefer a more modern interior? Be aware that beige can also be played contemporary and that it adapts wonderfully to designer furniture.

Authentic beige

Alliance Meubles The country style, which mainly has fun with light wood and white furniture, is delighted to adopt a dark beige wall to enhance its decor.

Bright beige

Maisons du Monde In this dining room, beige is exposed in two shades on the walls to structure the room and create a very warm decor. As for the white furniture, it only accentuates the bright side of this cream shade.


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