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The modern kitchen is made of light wood

The modern kitchen is made of light wood

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It is the story of a cuisine that combines natural and contemporary style, of a cuisine that offers a soothing and warm setting where you want to embark on culinary preparations. This is the story of a kitchen dressed in light wood… Discover this new trend in pictures.


Fly ### Low wooden furniture, high white furniture: here, it's a winning duo that divides the space to wrap it in softness. An association that contrasts with the more masculine decor of the living room from which the kitchen is separated thanks to a panel illustrated with a photograph taken in the wilderness.

Black and light wood duo

Schmidt ### This kitchen has a beautiful contemporary look. On the program, low furniture in light wood and high linen furniture, but not only! Because if the result has character, it is thanks to the choice of black granite for the splashback and the worktop which perfectly enhances the color of the wood…


Ikéa ### The light wooden furniture of this kitchen is subtly enhanced by the black color of the chairs, the worktop, the suspension and the slate board on which one writes his recipes or his shopping list in chalk. The result ? A soft and warm setting in which one has only one desire: to take a seat!

Light wood and metal duo

Goal ### Pure serenity. This is what this large, light-wood clad kitchen embodies. Here, only the long metallic handles and the gray color of the low and high drawers come out of the frame to give relief to the woody softness. We join!

A touch of design

Mobalpa ### In a high ceiling loft, with workshop style windows, a light wood kitchen takes pride of place. Because its color contrasts strongly with that of the openings which is black, the result is ultra aesthetic and very contemporary. We love !


Goal ### Overlooking the green garden, with light wooden furniture, this modern kitchen is steeped in nature!

Gray and light wood duo

Schmidt ### Successful mix between light wood and metallic gray. And for good reason: this association is one of the most popular when it comes to sublime light wood. The clean lines of the furniture give the space fluidity and a minimalist side. We're breathing!

Light and white wood duo

Lapeyre ### The mixture of light wood / white color is a sure bet that we never tire of. On the program: a beautiful and modern sweetness. This is the case of this kitchen with its light wooden furniture, its worktop and its white splashback!

Modern and family friendly

Goal ### A fine example of a spacious, family kitchen softly clad in light wood. Long live serenity and well-being when it comes to cooking or eating!


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