A kitchen for entertaining

A kitchen for entertaining

Because the pleasure of cooking and the pleasure of hosting often go hand in hand, including a dining area in your large kitchen, whether large or small, is a very popular choice. Unlike meals in the living room where you are constantly disappearing near the stove, here, there is no question of leaving the conversation with your guests: you continue to chat quietly while finishing your dishes. When conviviality, at lunchtime, afternoon tea or dinner, comes first ...

A side table

Fly ### Fancy a dining area in the kitchen that doesn't clutter up the space? Set your sights on small tables to place discreetly against the wall! For this, think of the foldable models, especially if your kitchen is small. You will be able to make your table disappear from the visual field when you are not using it, and improvise in the blink of an eye the place of dinner when friends arrive at home!

A sliding table, discreet and clever

Lapeyre ### The other tip to create a dining area in the kitchen only on the days when you are entertained, is to bet on the sliding tables. Here, it is a console usually covering part of the central island which slides: we improvise in two stages three movements a dining table for 4 people. A smart solution that gives ideas ...

Entertaining around the American bar

Ikéa ### Entertaining is an art that can be applied with simplicity in a cool and relaxed atmosphere. This is the case of the legendary American bars around which the guests take their places while we finish preparing the dishes or cocktails! We never tireā€¦

Entertaining around the central island

Schmidt ### The American bar does not have a monopoly on improvised brunches in the kitchen during which guests are comfortably seated on high chairs. When you have a beautiful central island, it's also possible! Just equip yourself with the number of seats needed, and voila!