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5 styles of contemporary wood stoves for inspiration

5 styles of contemporary wood stoves for inspiration

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The craze for wood stoves is not about to stop, and for good reason! This home heating alternative is ecological, economical, easy to install, efficient, and very aesthetic. Precisely, here are 5 examples of contemporary wood stoves to heat your home in style…


Wanders ### Far from traditional wood stoves, the model here is above all modern and sophisticated. Its cylindrical shape is dressed in white ceramic from top to bottom with the exception of its cast iron door. Because admiring the spectacle of flames in an aesthetically beautiful stove is even better! Design lovers will not say the opposite!

Imitation fireplace

Supra ### For those nostalgic for traditional fireplaces, here is a model that should appeal to you. The reason ? Its square silhouette wisely leaned against the wall under which the logs were placed. The resemblance is undeniable, and it can make all the difference…

Space saving mission

Wanders ### Who says small interior says small stove. This is the case with this one, surprisingly compact and suspended from the wall to make it even more discreet. As for its metallic gray color, it will blend perfectly with multiple styles of decoration.


Wanders ### Here is a stove that does not go unnoticed in the living room. First, an elegant pipe cover subtly conceals the duct, but in addition, its opulent silhouette seems to dominate the place majestically. Moreover, it can heat several adjoining rooms a large amount of air for many hours ...