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Natural decor in the dining room

Natural decor in the dining room

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In November, the trees losing their leaves offer an enchanting spectacle that leaves no one indifferent. To pay tribute to nature, we change the decor inside, including in the dining room! Meals take a delicious taste of well-being and sweetness ... Demonstration in pictures.

Snow White

Fly ### Here is a winter setting for enjoying meals. On the program, white combined with wood, oak legs for the pretty oval table and white leather chairs, a cup of meringues delicately placed on the table and imposing vases from which some branches of cherry or roses escape … White, of course! Definitely, white plays a beautiful hymn to nature ...

Wood on white

Fly ### The white / wood marriage does not stop there, except that here the effect is reversed: it is wood which is predominant in the decor, creating a soft and friendly atmosphere. Without forgetting the essential bucolic touch on the round oak table and white legs! It gently complements the very natural charm of the room dedicated to meals.

Natural in all simplicity

Goal ### A delicious fall snack is what we dream of savoring around the dining room table! It doesn't take much to make us happy: a wooden table, transparent column vases filled with one or two tree branches, bread, jam, a glass of milk and seasonal fruit. When nature sings us a family and friendly refrain, this is what it gives…

Nature in all its states

Fly ### A rectangular wooden table and traditional wicker seat chairs patiently await dinner time. Two steps further, above the chest of drawers, a deer head trophy echoes the forests. Here, no element of the decor is left to chance, the atmosphere is 100% natural!


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