The Pavilion of Canals in Paris, a new trendy place to discover quickly

The Pavilion of Canals in Paris, a new trendy place to discover quickly

While you were on vacation, others were busy so that when you returned you had a new address to test. So, we encourage you to go to the Bassin de la Villette and more precisely on the quays of the Ourcq canal to discover the new summer address: Le Pavillon des Canaux. A "coffice", mean by that an office cafe, which does not lack style!

On the ground floor

Pavillon des Canaux The counter is just like the place. It consists of two beautiful pieces of furniture placed end to end to compose a beautiful bar area. Here are served drinks, pastries and other delicacies carefully prepared by the team.

The clear living room

Pavillon des Canaux Straight inspired by a Scandinavian living room, we love the light colors of the walls, the warm appearance of the seagrass floor and the whimsical touch created by the floral wallpaper. The furniture mixes styles for a most singular interior.

The bathroom

Pavillon des Canaux Even the bathroom has been designed to accommodate customers. Original and unique, the bathtub is decorated with soft cushions for an extraordinary lunch!

The dining room

Pavillon des Canaux The dining area, simply furnished with a wooden table and chairs, shares the room with a small fuchsia pink velvet lounge which brings it energy and energy.

The blue living room

Pavillon des Canaux A completely different atmosphere is offered there! Petrol blue and vermilion red revive this long neglected place. Comfortable armchairs await you there to keep pleasantly between friends.

The decoration of the house

Pavillon des Canaux The rooms in the house have been preserved. Also, the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms have not moved an iota. And the decoration carried out, on the ground floor by the agency A Way Of Life and by Les Précieuse Libellules for the first floor, confirms this spirit which emphasizes a cozy atmosphere to feel "at home" .

Eye for detail

Pavillon des Canaux We appreciate in the decoration of the place the attention given to details and accessories. Closet buttons, door handles, garlands, ribbons, mirrors, glass bells, stickers, small vases… dress the house nicely and give the impression that it is still inhabited.