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The best of Kave Home to revamp my living room

The best of Kave Home to revamp my living room

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Does your living room need a facelift? And if you let yourself be tempted by designer furniture at low prices from Kave Home? We have selected for you the best of the site to revamp your stay in a most contemporary style. Nice discovery…

An industrial TV bench

Kave Home Since the industrial style has the coast, we put on this iron TV cabinet mounted on casters. Its little extra that seduces us: glass glass doors for the touch of softness. 486 euros

A warm pouffe

Kave Home With this wool pouf, you will have no trouble warming up the slightly cold decor of your living room. We love its gray color which fits easily into any interior style. 89 euros

A graphic cushion

Kave Home To awaken the decor of the living room, nothing like a cushion with a graphic print! Characteristic of the 70s, this model with a strong personality will easily find its place on the sofa or on the armchair of the living room. 22 euros

A retro look lamp

Kave Home To create a small intimate reading corner and cocoon in the living room, opt for this light with retro lines. Its red color will undoubtedly bring warmth and punch to the decor. 95 euros

A refined coffee table

Kave Home Elegance and delicacy, here are the most suitable words to describe this coffee table signed Kave Home. Open and transparent, it brings a note of lightness as we like in the living room. 98 euros

A hypnotic carpet

Kave Home If you like the original touches in the living room, you will fall for this carpet with hypnotic patterns. Its blue color will also have the advantage of slipping almost everywhere! 182 euros

A trendy mirror

Kave Home Round mirrors with a practical rim are the must-have for back-to-school. In the living room, we choose a bright red model to create the decor on the wall. 46 euros

A fun library

Kave Home With its aged appearance, this letter A seems to have been stolen from a flea market and transformed into a practical library. Ideal in an industrial style living room, don't you think? 99 euros

A patchwork armchair

Kave Home Favorite for the patchwork-like covering of this chair inspired by the DAW model by Charles Eames. It will undoubtedly give a boost to the living room! 145 euros


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