Cement tiles invite themselves outside

Cement tiles invite themselves outside

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After having illustrated itself inside the house, here is that the cement tiles invite themselves outside, on the terrace or the garden. Colorful, patterned or trompe l'oeil, beware the eyes you may be seduced!

Outside the cement tiles!

Colors and Materials Inspired by hot countries, cement tiles take the air and that's good! They energize the exterior with their hues and stylized patterns.

Cement tiles around the house

Mosaic Del Sur Bring out the exterior facade of your home by paving your floor with cement tiles that go all around your house. This colorful alley will energize your garden.

Peas outside

Petit Pan Petit Pan signs a nice collection of cement tiles of all colors. To use without moderation !

Asia at your door

Via Platten This model of tiles elegantly covers the floor with its relief elements which are inspired by Chinese motifs. Combine it with colorful garden furniture to enhance it.

A courtyard in blue and white

Mosaic Del Sur The combination of blue and white tiles and red brick offers a striking contrast where each color is revealed.

A summer kitchen

Mosaic Del Sur Cement tiles find their place near the kitchen but this time near the summer kitchen, outside the house!

A terrace covered with cement tiles

Mosaic Del Sur Fearing the weather, cement tiles will be perfect on a covered terrace.

A colorful passage in cement tiles

Mosaic Del Sur Guide the footsteps of your visitors through a cement tile driveway. Near the house, stylish and colorful, they contrast with the vegetation.

A whole era

Mosaic Del Sur The cement tiles date from the 19th century. Perfect if you are renovating an old house and want to perpetuate the authentic spirit of that era, even on the terrace.

An azure terrace

Mosaic Del Sur Echo the azure blue of the sky and the water of the pool by covering the floor of your summer terrace with cement tiles of the same color. In zigzags, they create relief and energize the exterior.


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