The top 10 essentials for a naturalist salon

The top 10 essentials for a naturalist salon

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Here's another way to bring nature into your home. Inspired by a very 18th century spirit, the naturalist style lets itself be captivated by the curiosities of nature. Animals, plants, minerals… are exposed to the eyes of all in boxes that highlight them. Here is a "to do list" of what you will need to establish the style.

The leather

Maisons du Monde Cowhide leather is one of the favorite materials of the naturalist style. Its brown hue and smooth appearance earn it all the support

Groom's globe

AM PM To display your most precious object, the traditional groom's globe will be ideal to highlight it.


Maisons du Monde And to prepare for your future travels, the slightly patinated terrestrial globe for an old effect takes place on one of the furniture in your living room.

Magnifying glass

Maisons du Monde To scrutinize, discover, compare the magnifying glass is essential. So for a naturalist style down to the smallest detail, have one prominently displayed on the living room furniture!

Travel trunks

Maisons du Monde Equipped with leather straps and planisphere patterns, travel trunks offer interesting storage space while being decorative.

Storage unit

Maisons du Monde Preciously organize your finds and secrets in this piece of furniture which consists of fine drawers to store collections and a display case to display the most beautiful objects.

Objects of study

Ikea Create a naturalistic setting on the windowsill or on the living room table by placing a few books, dried flowers and glass jars.


Bloomingville To guarantee a 100% successful naturalist effect, do not forget to place a skull prominently. The surprising little final touch that will not fail to have its effect.


Bemz Like bringing back from a trip to a distant country, hang a hunting trophy on the wall. Enthroned in the middle of the wall, prefer an imitation rather than a real one.