Green storage is possible!

Green storage is possible!

In the house, storage can also be considered ecologically. You just have to opt for containers that respect the environment. We have selected 10 models that you can use for their ecological qualities and their style.

Recycled storage

Ikea Continue in the recovery by offering you storage in recycled materials like these small accessories which are made from used plastic which has been given a second life.

Natural materials

Ikea Do not hesitate to turn to all the accessories that use natural materials in their composition. For example, these boxes and document holders use burlap.

Wool storage

Anne Becker Paris Wool is also a natural material! And in addition, you can start yourself in the creation of storage spaces adapted to your needs. Don't worry about knitting, it's trendy!

Storage for everything

Ekobo And know that there are ecological storage for just about everything! For example, you can store your dirty laundry in these dedicated baskets that use bamboo as a material.

Solid wood

Ethnicraft To be eco-friendly, sometimes it doesn't take much. For your storage for example, it will be enough to opt for solid wood furniture to avoid glues and other harmful substances. And also consider choosing wood from sustainably managed forests.

Simple materials

Love Creative People For storage, no need for sophistication! You can opt for large recycled paper bags that will allow children to easily store the toys.

Original materials

Mahatsara You can also opt for very original materials! Here, the baskets are made of palm leaves. It is a peculiarity of African crafts that you can also buy via fair trade.

Natural fibers

Ikea Among the natural fibers, you can also turn to rattan which allows you to create small baskets but also large storage furniture like a chest.


Sibo Home Concept Finally, why not opt ​​for cork storage accessories? This natural material has many technical qualities in addition to being ecological.