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From floor to ceiling, my living room like new

From floor to ceiling, my living room like new

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It's been more than 10 years that your living room has not moved an inch and really today, you find it frankly outdated. To help you give it a new look, we've put together a list with some simple ideas that can be done in no time. Follow the guide…

Repaint the old buffet

Little Weasel Your buffet is no longer up to date, but you do not want to part with it? Repaint it in a more contemporary color like black, gray, or beige or in bright colors depending on the desired effect.

Sticking stickers on tired stools

Like a Color By dint of being used, have your stools seen the patina of their seat damaged? Why buy new ones when you can give them a second life with easy-to-install stickers. To be in the trend, we choose the fluorescent version… green, pink or yellow, we let you decide.

Lay a parquet effect floor

Leroy Merlin If you've been tired of the white tiles that have been covering your living room floor for years, here is the practical solution to get rid of them: bet on a vinyl floor with parquet effect. Amazing, right?

Paint the chimney

Dulux Valentine A fireplace can quickly give a neglected look to the living room. To remedy this, we spray it with a good paint (which we choose according to its material), in a sun yellow version, or in more neutral colors such as anthracite gray or white.

Invest in a new carpet

3 Suisses Casually, the carpet can quickly become the centerpiece of the living room when chosen with patterns that do not go unnoticed. In black and white version, or in more cheerful colors, it gives back to your living room, all its former ardor.

Hide a damaged wall with wallpaper

Graham & Brown Unlike a few years ago, you no longer have to cover all the walls of a room with the same wallpaper. Today the trend is to cover a single section with a graphic model, and that is great if you only have one damaged wall.

Accompany the sofa with a new floor lamp

Maisons du Monde When you want to renovate your living room, there is no question of neglecting its accessorization. For this, we offer a designer floor lamp that will keep your sofa company once installed next to it.

Use storage baskets

Delamaison In a brand new living room, it would be a shame to put aside the storage… Especially when there are pretty baskets that slip everywhere and in which you can put your remote controls and other odds and ends.

Create a library with wooden cubes

Muuto If your books or decorative items are lying around, in no specific order, take the plunge and offer them a place of their own. With wooden cubes of different sizes, you create a custom library by stacking them. Easy to make and inexpensive, let's get started!


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