10 great ideas for a fresh air in the room

10 great ideas for a fresh air in the room

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Since the heat is finally there, you have to think about preserving the room under penalty of a bad night. And if the technical systems to refresh this room work well, you can also give them a helping hand by adopting a more refreshing decoration than usual. Here are some decorative ideas that we adopt above all for their style!

Blue seaside

Hastens Among the recommended colors, blue is also prominent. Indeed, even if the latter is darker, it is one of the so-called cold colors and will not fail to give an impression of freshness, while reminding you of the sea.

Natural materials

Blanc des Vosges To give a feeling of freshness, we put on natural materials which will lighten the house and give it a very natural side. You can for example bet on light wood and opt for rattan suspensions for a light and natural decoration.

Refreshing laundry

Spoiler Among the materials that help refresh the house and especially the bedroom, there is linen! This natural textile does not retain heat and it is ventilated enough to offer you cooler nights.

Green plants

Ikea A little greenery in the room and the atmosphere immediately seems less warm. We choose very green plants and we do not hesitate to multiply them to create an exotic bubble.

Light curtains

Ikea For the fabrics of the room, you will understand, we put on lightness. So for the windows, we can opt for net curtains because they will allow the fresh air that gets in the evening to pass while protecting you from view.

An exotic style

Alinéa To refresh yourself, nothing better than imagining yourself on vacation! So, why not install an exotic style in your room. You will bet on tropical colors and exotic wood furniture. All you have to do is close your eyes to imagine yourself on a sandy beach.


Blanc des Vosges And if you want your decorative journey to take you less far, know that flowers are also ideal because they will give you the feeling of being in the garden. You can then adopt a flowery bed linen without hesitation.

Design lines

Fly It is often said that designer furniture is cold and this season we take advantage of it and we do not hesitate to treat ourselves to a minimalist decor where pure lines rub shoulders with unhealthy materials. There will always be time to add a carpet for this winter!


Castorama Finally, the key to a cool room is also to prevent the sun from coming in during the day. Suddenly, we offer curtains that will stop the rays of the window net or blinds that will provide shade.


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