When the bathroom displays its beauty products

When the bathroom displays its beauty products

Why buy pretty perfume bottles if it's to hide them in a closet? The bathroom makes its revolution and decides to make itself beautiful by using your products as decorative objects. We will want to stay there more to have a baby.

A diverted piece of furniture

Maisons du monde In this very original bathroom, the storage unit could very well be in another room such as in the dining room where it could be used as a dresser. Here, instead of the plates, he proudly displays the towels and beauty products in a basket.

A collector's window

Maisons du monde In this bathroom, too, the storage unit is diverted because it looks much more like a collector's cabinet in which trophies are placed. Here, the stars of the bathroom are the toiletries.

A cabinet of curiosity showcase

Ikea In this bathroom, we play the card of originality with a glass cabinet which accommodates the products on three shelves which display bottles and bathroom linen.

A retro showcase

Ikea And know that by opting for a display case, you can breathe a retro style into your bathroom. Then display old products such as a stainless steel mirror and retro bottles.

Library style furniture

Alinéa In this bathroom, the open unit is used as a bookcase which displays decorative objects. Some candles, books and beauty accessories decorate!

Furniture like in a living room

Delpha This bathroom is somewhat designed as a living room. So, we put on a storage unit with a few shelves to dispose of decorative items. Your perfumes and make-up will be in the spotlight!

Bright niches

Leroy Merlin Here, between the two basins, the products play the big game! Installed in niches with luminous contours, they are the real decorative objects of the room that plays the card of minimalism.

Shelves integrated into the wall

Leroy Merlin Rather than opting for a medicine cabinet that will contain your beauty products, bet instead on shelves integrated into the wall that will serve as both storage and decorative items.

A shelf near the bathtub

Ikea And to decorate your bathroom while playing the practicality card, add a shelf near your bathtub so that you can display them while having them handy in the shower.

A girly side

Castorama The bathroom is the privileged place for girls. Here, the basin has been placed on one side of the cabinet and not in the middle in order to have room to store your belongings.

Built-in storage

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, reminiscent of light earthenware hammams, there are holes in the wall that allow you to dispose of the fabric boxes. An idea to reproduce if you do not want to clutter up with cupboards and want to be able to slide in beauty products easily.

A large sink

Leroy Merlin The advantage of having a sink and not a basin is that you can have the products on the edges. You will be able to highlight your most used soaps and creams without having to look for them in the cupboards.

Indispensable, the mirror

Cuisinella This is the element not to be overlooked in a girls' bathroom! This very large mirror is ideal for highlighting these beauty products thanks to its large rim and its mini shelves installed on the right.

Everything at hand near the bath

Cuisinella We stay in light wood tones with this modern storage set which comes in three forms: the shelf, the mirror cabinet and the shelving cabinet. Above the bath, there are bathing items like soap and at the exit, there are towels.

Sliding seat furniture

Leroy Merlin This bathroom furniture, in addition to having a clean and wooded style, is very practical! One of the parts can be moved at will while the other, fixed to the wall, accommodates all the beauty products.

On a tray or in a pot

Leroy Merlin To believe that the bathroom trend is written with wood. Everything is connected here. The small cabinet, the lockers and even the trays that allow you to store products under the sink. As for the big pots on the right, they are useful for concealing shampoo and the like.

Stools for storing your things

Leroy Merlin The freestanding bathtub makes us want but what interests us is rather the use of stools and chairs as a support. Here, the stool is installed near the bath to put your beauty products.

Colorful lockers

Leroy Merlin This puzzle of wooden lockers gives a charm to this bathroom which becomes super practical. No big pieces of furniture that take up space, just a few shelves and lockers in two shades to add flavor. The advantage of wall lockers is that you can put products inside but also on top.

Storage everywhere

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, composed of numerous storage tools, beauty products have found a special place above the bath thanks to two practical shelves and near the washbasin cabinet with built-in shelves. A beautiful staging!