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Monumental headboards adorn the bedroom

Monumental headboards adorn the bedroom

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In the bedroom, the headboard covers the wall and enhances the bed, but if you really want to dramatize your bed, bet on a monumental headboard. Upholstery, blind or decorative screen, it's up to you to choose your monumental headboard. Discover them in pictures!

A louvered headboard

Maisons du monde ### For a family home spirit, we put on a headboard that takes up the look of weathered shutters. The headboard then seems to hide a window and gives the room a very soft atmosphere.

A folding headboard

La Redoute ### The headboard can also separate spaces. If your bed is located in a room with several uses, opt for a headboard that takes the form of a screen and will separate the rear space to install a desk for example.

A gothic headboard

La Redoute ### For a Gothic and quite romantic spirit, we choose a headboard of Gothic inspiration which recalls the monumental stained glass windows of cathedrals. The headboard thus becomes an architectural element of the room.

A leather headboard

Fly ### Finally, to dress a very large, slightly cold wall, opt for a very large leather headboard. Bet on the height but also choose to make the headboard protrude on either side of the bed.