Back to school: campus atmosphere in my teen's bedroom in 10 inspirations

Back to school: campus atmosphere in my teen's bedroom in 10 inspirations

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Is your teen asking for a new room for the start of the school year? Why not offer it the "campus" style? Like American student rooms, there is a sporty, comfortable atmosphere and always three flagship colors: blue, red and white, from the famous flag of the United States. To see more clearly, discover 10 rooms with a campus atmosphere.

A wardrobe like a cloakroom

Maisons du Monde So that he puts his clothes away carefully, he undoubtedly chooses a metal wardrobe that takes up all the features of American sports locker rooms.

English words on the bed

Becquet You don't have to make big investments to give him the atmosphere he dreams of so much. A white, red and blue duvet cover covered with a few words in English and voila!

A well-chosen headboard

Maisons du Monde The choice of headboard is also very important to give him the impression of being a real American student. Opt for a blue fabric model that takes the form of an armchair.

Metal shelves

La Redoute To store your classy stuff, no question of denoting with the rest of the decor. So we put on large metal shelves mounted on casters in a bright red color.

Bed linen under the sign of the United States

La Redoute Easy to give a campus style with this bed linen set which incorporates all the elements of the American flag: stars, stripes and even the little touch of red.

A red metal lamp

Maisons du Monde Details are important if you want to give your teenager's room a campus style. We advise you to opt for this articulated red metal lamp which will bring the missing tone to this room.

A numbered pouffe

Maisons du Monde This room has all the ingredients you need to create a campus atmosphere. The little extra decoration: a numbered pouffe that recalls the jerseys of soccer or basketball players, used here as a bedside table.

A blue metal desk

La Redoute To give a "campus" atmosphere to your teenager's room, you can bet on two types of desk. Either a large brown wooden American library style, or another in blue metal with a wardrobe look like this model.

Think about accessories

Maisons du Monde Besides the bed linen or the wardrobe, it is important to think of the small decorative details to bring this student room atmosphere. Bet on an American flag as a plaid, one or two tennis rackets placed in a corner and why not a leather travel trunk installed at the end of the bed.


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