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The decor loves storage boxes

The decor loves storage boxes

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They have multiple uses. It is used to store, sort, archive or store but also to decorate. In the middle of a living room, in an office but also in the kitchen or even in a child's room, storage boxes are everywhere. Here are 10 that caught our eye!

Children's box If there is one room in which boxes are essential, it is the children's room. There are many forms, materials and colors. Practical, these boxes with the image of imaginary animals can be used outside the space provided in the block, thus leaving additional storage for books for example.

Mismatched in the kitchen Cooking requires a lot of small utensils that you never know where to store. Place them in boxes from which you will have removed the cover so that you can quickly find what you need. Decorative tip: align the boxes and choose them in different sizes and looks.

Graphic effect boxes

Ikea These colored blocks stack up for a resolutely modern and graphic effect. You can store boxes with graphic patterns for a more decorative result.

Empty pocket spirit in the bathroom

Le Repère des Belettes We always have tons of things to store in the bathroom. Hairdryers, cottons, perfumes, make-up ... these boxes with an industrial look will perfectly fulfill their mission: we avoid clutter and we find what we are looking for straight away!

Hijack a hatbox Hat boxes have enormous decorative potential. Often colored and closed with a ribbon, they are deep enough to store many objects. Do not hesitate to align them to play on the accumulation effect.

At the coffee table

But Yes the boxes are useful, but they can also be pretty and practical. This large box in the shape of a chest offers you a nice storage space. It also allows you to use it as a coffee table in the living room. We love !

A wooden house

Archiproducts Long round, square or rectangular, now the boxes are metamorphosed. Here is a beautiful example with this painted wooden model in the shape of a house. The roof is removable to store toys or books.

Small decorative accessory

Bloomingville The mini format boxes are perfect decoration accessories. These small houses with clean lines find their place aligned on a shelf. In wood, porcelain, white or raw they can also serve as pots for your small plants.

Mini patterned boxes We often have little things to put away so as not to lose them. These mini format boxes with a retro look can contain photos, business cards, buttons or jewelry. Rather than hiding them in a drawer, place them on a chest of drawers to enjoy their pretty colorful patterns.


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