A romantic table decoration for a romantic dinner

A romantic table decoration for a romantic dinner

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For a special event or simply for the pleasure of a romantic dinner, romantic meals are always welcome! To make the setting more intimate than at the restaurant, remember to organize the meal at home ... provided you set up a very nice table. Here are 5 examples of decoration to inspire you.

Fairytale note on the table

Geneviève Lethu ### Here is a table decoration that leaves you dreaming, perfect for getting away for two during a delicious dinner. The magic recipe begins with the golden glitter delicately scattered on the purple table runner, and continues with the choice of dishes. The round plates and the cake stand are indeed adorned with poetic motifs, giving the table a very refined appearance.

Irresistibly chic

Guy Degrenne ### Sublime powdery decor for dinner. Here, we thought of everything. On a pretty white tablecloth, the plates edged with fine black circles elegantly combine with tinted glasses. Freshly hatched flowers are placed in a large transparent vase, as a nod to the romantic spirit of the meal. And to complete the charm of this table, a few pink and white pearls have been placed here and there while the champagne flutes have been nicely filled with round white and purple candies.

Dreamy mood

Luminarc ### Successful marriage of plum and camellia tones! To play the originality, the table runner has been arranged diagonally, but it is not the only element to remember in this decor filled with sweetness. We like the graphic lines covering the plates which energize the table with fantasy, as well as the ribbon and the pink pearls placed loose between the lovers' dishes.

Romantic and distinguished

Villeroy & Boch ### Elegant sobriety for this table dressed in a gray veil, square white plates with wavy edges, a purple candle as a centerpiece, two white flowers floating in a candle holder and glasses transparent. Make way for seduction around in a simple but very refined setting.