A modern table decoration to receive friends

A modern table decoration to receive friends

For a convivial dinner with your friends, opt for a modern style table decoration. You will then choose dishes with contemporary lines and trendy colors for a table in tune with the times. Here are some very decorative tables to inspire you.

Modernized codes

AM.PM ### For a modern style table decoration, you can use traditional codes while bringing a contemporary touch. For example, place placemats of different colors on a light tablecloth, opt for very dark dishes and use small soliflores as a name tag.

A refined and original table

Chilewich ### The modern table can also be very refined! For this, place very graphic placemats directly on the table and choose cutlery and crockery with designer lines. To decorate the table, bet on small colored cups that will form the center of the table.

A touch of fantasy

Fly ### To bring a modern touch to the table, do not hesitate to mix genres! You can for example choose dark dishes and wake up the table with purple and green glasses for example. Also modernize the containers by serving the dessert in verrines.

Color on the table

Guy Degrenne ### Finally, For a very modern style and a touch of pop: dare to color! Use pink or yellow placemats and also choose colored glasses for a table that exudes good humor and conviviality.