Ethnic travel in the house

Ethnic travel in the house

The holidays inspire your decor! And if you go to the end of the world, you may be tempted by the ethnic decor which skillfully mixes African influences. To help you imagine your interior, here are some ideas that you can poke without hesitation.

Natural materials

To recall the African continent, we mainly use natural materials! So for your lighting, also play the natural card with a wooden pendant lamp like a craft.

Ethnic accessories

To refine your decor, use themed decoration accessories. For example, bet on travel souvenirs or on handcrafted accessories that you can find online on fair trade sites.

Fabric on the walls

For an ethnic and warm atmosphere, you can use textile with ethnic patterns that you will place on the walls as if it were a painting. Do not hesitate to bet on strong patterns and colors.

Warm colors

To set the tone for the ethnic atmosphere, dare the warm colors that will remind you of Africa. Red, orange and brown will go very well on bed linen for example or even on a carpet.

Exotic wood furniture

For your furniture, choose exotic species. They have the distinction of having a very dark color as is the case with ebony because they give depth to the decor.

A thematic garden

In your garden, extend the ethnic decor of your interior. You can then bet on plants that correspond to an arid environment. You can create spaces where pebbles will replace the lawn.

Garden furniture that matches

For your garden furniture, choose simple lines and opt for wood in an exotic essence that will withstand outdoors.

Original objects

To give style to your interior, dare to be original with objects that have character. Do not hesitate to call on African craftsmen to create your decoration.

An ethnic atmosphere

In your room, do not hesitate to bet on a decoration that will be found in African eco-lodges. For example, opt for a four-poster bed that you will accessorize with mosquito nets. More ideas here!