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Guest bedroom: how to make it pleasant?

Guest bedroom: how to make it pleasant?

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Because your friends are a bit like your second family, here are a few tips and tricks to set up a cozy and welcoming space for them when they come to visit you. Between bed linen, clever storage and small decor, adopt everything you need to make them really feel at home!

Choose a comfortable and fun bed

Bemz And so that your friends sleep comfortably, do not neglect the choice of bedding. Prefer a soft and cozy bed, neither too hard nor too soft and ideally two people. And for the touch of fantasy? Opt for a box spring with a fluorescent base, guaranteed decorative effect!

Opt for pretty bedside tables

Maisons du Monde Once the bedding has been chosen, be sure to invest in attractive coordinated bedside tables. Any other advice? Think practicality by preferring models with drawers, like the one presented in this Scandinavian atmosphere.

Embellish many cushions

Bemz Really perfect for enhancing the cozy atmosphere in the guest bedroom, the cushions play the card of accumulation. To do this, we mix colors, sizes and materials!

Add a cozy throw

AM PM In addition to the accumulation of beautiful colored cushions, add a soft and cozy blanket as desired. It will warm your guests during the cool winter nights and will bring a nice decorative touch!

Plan a dressing area

Hay And so that your friends can settle in and feel comfortable, plan a small dressing area in their bedroom.

Choose soft lighting

AM PM To sublimate the cozy atmosphere of your brand new guest bedroom, favor soft and subdued lighting. Our advice? Opt for pretty portable lamps, as original as decorative!

Don't forget the decor: a cozy carpet and a designer mirror

Maisons du Monde Also think of enriching the space with a touch of elegant and warm decor: a large designer mirror or a cozy carpet as we like, for example.

Create an office area

Maisons du Monde And if your friends are really hard at work, think about it while fitting out a small office area for them. Opt for a discreet model that will adapt to all spaces, even the smallest.

Disseminate some decorative storage

Muuto Finally, polish everything with some practical and clever storage, like these pretty felt baskets.