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The bathroom is installed by the sea

The bathroom is installed by the sea

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For a soothing ambiance in the bathroom, you can choose the seaside style that will give the room a holiday feel. And to help you blow a sea breeze into your decor, discover some tips in pictures.

A soil that imitates pebbles

Alinéa If you appreciate the pebble spirit of the seaside style, you can also opt for this material on the ground because you will find coatings which imitate the pebbles. There is no doubt that your feet will feel at the beach.

Furniture reminiscent of the seaside

La Redoute For a seaside atmosphere, you can bet on furniture that recalls the edges of the beach like this furniture that is inspired by beach huts. We therefore put on white wooden furniture that we accessorize with baskets.

Natural accessories

La Redoute For a seaside atmosphere, we favor natural materials. You can then bet on wood for the walls provided that the room is well ventilated. A few baskets will serve as storage space and a carpet reminiscent of the pebbles sublimates the floor.

A seaside color code

Alinéa To bring the seaside atmosphere to your room, you can also count on colors! We then combine white, gray and navy blue for a very Atlantic atmosphere that we will create with both furniture and accessories.

Gray atmosphere for furniture

Lapeyre The furniture can also play the seaside style thanks to the color code. In the bathroom, the gray wood of the furniture is reminiscent of the driftwood found on the beaches.

A soothing style

Lineart To recall the seaside, bet on furniture that has soft and soothing lines. We will then opt for a certain simplicity with furniture with clean lines and round basins that soften the whole.

Seaside decorative accessories

Lexington To give a certain atmosphere in your bathroom, bet on a few accessories that will remind you of the sea. For example, you can have seashells on a shelf, hang a fishing net and use accessories with a "beach" message.

Very seaside bath linen

Linum Finally to polish your decor, think of bath sheets in colors reminiscent of the seaside. For example, we offer stripes to put a little color in the room.

Flashy everywhere

Castorama This bathroom smells of good humor with this yellow and cyan blue. Separated into two parts, the shower and sink and the bath on the other, it is spacious and bright. The walk-in shower opens up the space more like the large mirrors.

Full of blue

Monsieur Bricolage If you want a sea spirit, you opt for the total blue look. The blue PVC paneling creates a real space of well-being. It is necessary to add colored accessories such as vases and the wooden chair to break with the overflow of blue.

A woody and coconut spirit

Castorama Here we are exotic with this combination of light wood furniture. The stone washbasins and the walk-in shower take us to the seaside.

Think about wicker accessories

Paragraph which says sea says vegetable materials. The wicker chair is perfect. The double sink and bathroom furniture with several drawers provide convenience.

Wood and stone

Leroy Merlin The sea is a return to nature. Here, the wooden ladder gives style but is also very practical as a towel holder. The framing of the stone wall effect bathtub confirms the warm setting of this bathroom.

Wooden locker

Leroy Merlin

A bathroom by the beach

Espace Aubade Here, we insist on the beach side with beige and maroon colors. The light wooden furniture and the wooden ball chandelier match the cool blue of the walls and the dark blue mosaics. Little touch of softness with the carpet.

A halo of light

Leroy Merlin It is important to bring the light into a bathroom. First of all for ventilation and to give an atmosphere of fullness like in this room, worthy of a 5-star hotel. The wooden frame delimits the two sleeping and bathing areas.

The bath room

Leroy Merlin We move to another spirit with the idea that by the sea the bathroom is open to the bedroom. Romantic spirit with this round bathtub, large mirrors and a few candles. Warm, you will no longer want to leave your room.

Design and high-end

Leroy Merlin No need to put blue everywhere to have the seaside spirit. The bathtub is highlighted on a white tiling in the middle of this bedroom. The large wall cupboards and wall mirrors bring sobriety and elegance.

A large walk-in shower

Leroy Merlin This bathroom gives an impression of well-being thanks to the opening of the Italian shower. The wooden parquet and the stone effect wall create a cocooning style.


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