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Pink for the little girls' room

Pink for the little girls' room

Since pink is the favorite color of girls, it is never too much in their bedroom, quite the opposite! With him, the mood is dreamy and girly, everything to please the girls. But then, should it be displayed in total look or in small doses? You be the judge, taking inspiration from the following 5 sets!

A subtle touch of pink

Fly ### Japanese inspiration in the bedroom. The dolls of the Empire of the Rising Sun delicately dress two round carpets and an assortment of paintings hanging on the wall. In terms of lighting, a paper shade with colored polka dots bathes the space in soft, subdued light, while on the color side, the pastel shades of the room are awakened by the pink bubble gum of the bed. Yes, between tenderness and candor, the decor perfectly reflects the world of young girls.

The mezzanine sees life in pink

Fly ### Total girly look on the chipies side! From the top of the mezzanine, curtains fall to the ground to create a cabin area: here, the palette of roses is almost complete. Dark pink, vitamin pink or pale pink: the color of raspberries, cotton candy or radishes takes on poetic forms (hearts, flowers or stripes) and sets the tone. Because when we love, we don't count.

Pink and white: winning duo

Paragraph ### Successful marriage of white and pink. This winning duo shares the space equally: the furniture is white while the carpet, the round stickers that decorate the door, the flowers and butterflies that dress the bed linen, are sorbet pink. Even the walls see life in white and pink: their two-tone look brilliantly underlines this balanced decor, halfway between freshness and fantasy.

A pinch of candy pink on a rainbow background

Fly ### On a rainbow background decorated with a very poetic photo holder, stand out a bed of mauve dressed as well as a bedside table on which a few toys echo the girls' games. And the final touch to complete this pretty whimsical decoration: a candy pink plaid delicately placed at the foot of the bed, a touch of softness in the bedroom.