10 unusual pieces of furniture to discover

10 unusual pieces of furniture to discover

Like every year, designers around the world amaze us with eccentric and poetic finds and inventive creations. Designers, sculptors, creation studios, they are helping to renew the decor and design landscape thanks to limitless imagination and creativity. Make way for new with these ten pieces of furniture as original as they are unusual.

Very greedy stools

Li-ving Design Studio Inspired by the famous "Ladurée" buttons, the delicious Makastool stools imagined by Li-ving Design Studio will easily find their place in the house. Available in many colors, they are designed for a pleasant moment of relaxation with sweet sweetness.


Pool Studio Reinterpreted in vanity, this sublime fiberglass chair imagined by the Pool studio renews garden furniture with a malicious wink. It will certainly appeal to followers of the chic Gothic trend.


Mark Goetz & Efe Buluc Born from the fertile spirit of two designers, Mark Goetz and Efe Buluc, the Bulldozer armchair is an innovation model designed using found furniture. Made of aluminum and covered with neoprene rubber, it has the major advantage of perfectly resisting humidity, heat and cold and integrates both inside and outside our habitats.

An electronic waste base

Rodrigo Alonso Imagined by Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso, the N + ew chairs were designed with the participation of the recycling company Recycla and uses electronic waste. Design and ecological, the result is stunning!

An adjustable sofa

FlexibleLove Special mention for the Earth 16 sofa made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard by Chi-Shen Chiu. Extendable at will and having the capacity to accommodate up to sixteen people, its revolutionary design will find its place perfectly in your home during your evenings, in reception rooms or public spaces.


Olivier Tilbury A graduate in craftsmanship and furniture design, Olivier Tilbury, a young London designer, officiates in the world of design and is characterized by originality and very advanced know-how. Consisting of a seat and a set of legs in a bouquet, the Chair provides the user with different possible positions. It seduces us with its great practicality, its innovative design and its extraordinary aesthetics.

Dressed furniture

Studio Kamkam Some designers believe that clothing is necessary for furniture, such as the Belt Felt collection of storage furniture imagined by the Korean studio Kamkam. Inspired by the field of clothing, the furniture is closed with belts, buttons or slides. The result is surprising.

A surrealist dresser

Lila Jang Revisited and transformed in an original way to say the least, the chest of drawers with a zany design imagined by the designer Lila Jang leaves no one indifferent. Halfway between the surrealist vision of Dali's paintings and a journey into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland, this piece of furniture will undoubtedly appeal to lovers of quirky and atypical objects.


Straight Line Design Inspired by Walt Disney cartoons, Straight Line Design excels in the creation of design furniture, eccentric and surprising. Not devoid of humor, this original dresser will immerse you in a wink in a dreamlike universe.