Small spaces: floor cushions are practical

Small spaces: floor cushions are practical

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When there is a lack of space to use furniture worthy of the name in its interior, the floor cushions are an excellent tip to settle comfortably and without taking up too much space! The proof in these 10 interiors where the floor cushion offers comfort and decoration!

An XXL cushion as an armchair

Alinéa In this studio, installing an armchair would take up too much space and interfere with the circulation of the room. Suddenly, it is replaced by an XXL floor cushion that can be moved without any problem.

Floor cushions for a small living room

Alinéa In this room too small to accommodate a living room and a dining room, we favored the dining table without denying the relaxation area. We installed a small table and a few cushions to create a lounge space at ground level.

A relaxation corner in the bedroom

Alinéa To offer you a relaxation space other than the bed in your room, put on a carpet that you will accompany with a cushion. You will be able to sit comfortably for various activities.

A sitting area for teens

Alinéa Teenagers love having their own living room in their bedroom! So to make them happy without breaking the bank or taking up too much space, opt for the floor cushion that you will have in a bench against a wall.

An additional seat

La Redoute When you're entertaining, you may not have enough room on the sofa. So to remedy this problem, take three floor cushions that you can stack to create an additional seat that is both decorative and comfortable.

A dining room

Maisons du monde If your living room also serves as a space for meals, the sofa is often too high for the coffee table and does not allow you to sit comfortably. So choose floor cushions that will be more practical for you to install.

A friendly lounge

Maisons du monde To take full advantage of the living room space, you can add a carpet and a few cushions to sit on the floor in a friendly atmosphere. You may even leave the sofa!

Cushions for children

Ikea For children, the floor cushions are real allies because they will allow them to play on the floor in a much more comfortable way! Do not hesitate to offer them fluffy models that will be real playmates.

An outdoor floor cushion

Alinéa Outside also the floor cushions find their place! They allow you to concoct a nomadic and very comfortable terrace to enjoy the sun when the latter points its nose.


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