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5 dream hotels to stay in Portugal

5 dream hotels to stay in Portugal

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Portugal is attracting more and more tourists in search of sun, magnificent landscapes and authenticity. Bringing together beaches, countryside, historic cities and nature, this small country surprises and delivers real beauty. Here are 5 hotels to discover to explore one of the oldest countries in Europe.

The exterior of the Mercy Hotel Lisbon

Mercy Hotel Lisbon One of the hotel's special features: each room has a private terrace which offers breathtaking views of the city.

Internacional design Hotel Lisbon

Internacional design Hôtel Lisbonne With its beautiful traditional facade, this 4-star boutique hotel is located in the heart of Lisbon and offers characterful and sophisticated decor. We like: the different decor styles that change on each floor. From 95 euros

The heavenly room of the Internacional design Hotel Lisbon

Internacional design Hôtel Lisbonne Designed in an original way, this multifunctional space offers a range of options for events and leisure. On the program: reading, massages, awakening of the senses….

Palace Vidago Douro Hotel

Hotel Palace Vidago Douro The rooms are decorated in a glamorous spirit. Parquet, sumptuous textiles and colors inspired by the surrounding nature offer them a refined style. From 130 euros

The Park of the Palace Hotel Vidago Douro

Hotel Palace Vidago Douro In Belle Epoque style, this magnificent hotel is surrounded by a green park made up of majestic centenary trees. Luxury, calm and beauty will punctuate your stay in this idyllic place.

The O Poejo boutique hotel in Santo Antonio de Areias

The O Poejo boutique hotel The rooms are elegant and contemporary. Simply furnished, they are comfortable and partly decorated with local works. From 65 euros

The exterior of the O Poejo Alentejo boutique hotel

The boutique hotel O Poejo We love the family spirit that reigns within the hotel. Located near Marvao, a medieval town nestled in the Serra S.Mamede natural park, it is the starting point for many walks.

The Pensao Favorita Porto Hotel

The Pensao Favorita Hotel In the heart of the historic center of the city of Porto, this quaint hotel occupies a historic building that has been completely restored. The rooms are spacious and bright, some of which have a balcony. From 80 euros

The terrace of the Pensao Favorita Porto Hotel

The Pensao Favorita Hotel The hotel has a tree-lined garden. Luxury in the city center! A sunny terrace will welcome you in fine weather to delight you on vacation.


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