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What to do when you don't have a guest room?

What to do when you don't have a guest room?

Welcoming friends for the night at home can quickly be complicated when a guest room is lacking. Do not panic ! Follow us and discover 10 solutions to accommodate your friends properly and make them sleep on both ears.

A guest bedroom high up on a mezzanine

Ikea Let your guests climb to the ceiling on a loft bed. Not taking up floor space, this also saves you from making and breaking up the bed when your guests sleep at home.

A guest bed in the quietest room of the house

Ikea Choose the quietest room in the house and equip it with a convertible sofa. The office remains ideal because the room is not a living room, it will disturb the rest of the house the least.

A wardrobe turns into a bed

Space saving It looks like a storage module but it's not just a storage module, it's also a bedroom with a bed! Pull the shelf and deploy a sleeping space for two people. The sofa gives way to a real bed while retaining the storage space all around. There is no need to push a table or remove the cushions from the sofa hereā€¦ everything stays in place no matter what!

The office turns into a bed

SLDM After the sofa / bed, the wardrobe / bed goes to the desk / bed! Incorporating a 140 x 190 cm bed, it offers a beautiful workspace when closed. When you unfold the desk, it remains in place but be careful not to leave a clean place before handling!

A Murphy bed that hides on the ceiling

Fully electric Loggia area, lower the sleep platform with just one click thanks to the electric retractable bed and storage module. Super practical, it gives free rein to the living room during the day to transform into a guest bed in the evening.

Hide the sleeping area with a curtain

Ikea Create a bedroom area in your living room if it is large and hide this space with a curtain. Arranged like a real room out of sight, your guests will sleep on their two ears.

Two mattresses make up a guest bed

Bemz It's not just the sofas that can be made into a bed. Two mattresses positioned in "L" can join together and compose a super extra bed for friends. Their advantage: less bulky than a sofa, they hug the corners of the wall to form a nice bench for reading the day.

A glass roof for a guest bedroom in the living room

Maisons du Monde Having your guests sleep in the middle of the living room can be annoying. Also, so that they keep their privacy why not install in your living room a glass type partition, very trendy, which will add character to your room and which will hide an extra bed to accommodate your guests.

A space to house your friends at the bottom of the garden

Leroy Merlin When the square meters are already fully exploited inside the house, look outside. A garden shed can quickly turn into an extra room for guests. Arrange it with a bed, chest of drawers, a nice carpet on the floor and curtains!