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5 atmospheres to decorate the bedroom for little boys

5 atmospheres to decorate the bedroom for little boys

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Back to school is often an opportunity to rethink the decor in the children's room, the ideal being that it reflects their favorite universe. To give you ideas, here are 5 atmospheric themes reserved for little boys.

Comic spirit

Fly ### If your child devours comic books, why not immerse their bedroom in the decor of comics? With a sticker of Superman XXL version and posters displaying dialogues in bubbles, we almost believe it! Especially since the mezzanine bed offers large storage areas to house the multiple collections of comics and figurines bearing the image of their hero. Hard to deny, this room has style!

Marine spirit

Goal ### Marine epic in this ocean-colored room. The spirit of the ocean soothes children when they fall asleep while during the day it awakens in them a vivid imagination. It's easier to imagine yourself as captain or sailor of a ship when you are immersed in the blue of the sea!

Colorful spirit

Fly ### Armful of colors in the bedroom, the mood is dynamic and joyful! No piece of furniture is an exception to the rule: the raised bed is orange, the dresser is yellow and the wall shelf is red. And to balance this lively color code, the decor elements refer to childish softness: the rocking horse, the small cars carefully aligned on the chest of drawers or the bed linen decorated with robots.

Spatial spirit

AM.PM ### Star Wars always fascinates children's souls between laser swords and spaceships. So that they feel in their galactic universe at a time when they invent endless fights, create a starry atmosphere in the bedroom, on the bed linen and the carpet covering the floor, up to the coat hooks on the walls !