5 ideas to give a boudoir style to your interior

5 ideas to give a boudoir style to your interior

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To give a very feminine atmosphere to the house, we put on a boudoir style which combines charming furniture with shimmering materials. Thanks to a few well-chosen pieces of furniture and accessories, your interior will transport you to the world of the small living room that used to "sulk". Here are five ideas to inspire you.

Feminine materials

Ikea ### In terms of materials, choose shiny fabrics like satin to evoke femininity. Do not hesitate to multiply fabrics, such as taffeta, by using large curtains and lots of cushions and by varying colors and materials.

Romantic wallpaper

Ikea ### To dress up walls with a feminine touch, think of wallpaper which offers many possibilities in terms of patterns. You can choose flowers, dots or even stripes provided you choose soft colors. Line one wall preferably so as not to suffocate the room.

A daybed where to languish

Maisons du Monde ### In the living room, replace the traditional sofa with a chaise longue with elegant lines to make yourself comfortable for reading or watching TV in style. Choose a velvety material to accentuate the feminine aspect.

Feminine colors

Ikea ### In the whole house and especially in the bedroom, choose a feminine color code. You can for example opt for a marriage of black and pink to give a very cozy atmosphere to the room. Black will bring elegance and pink will allow you to keep a good luminosity.


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