I want a Zen garden!

I want a Zen garden!

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Today, the garden has a real soothing function. It is a timeless space which allows you to recharge your batteries after an intense day. And to accentuate the effect of the garden on our minds, nothing like a Zen-inspired garden that will bring you calm and serenity. We give you some ideas to create your garden at home!

Typical vegetation

Gardens, Garden The Zen garden welcomes a certain type of vegetation. Indeed, you will find there a lot of bamboo, easy to install in your garden, but also shrubs like bonsai more complex. Also, don't hesitate to treat yourself to small boxwood that you will cut into round shapes.

A fountain or a pond in the garden

Gardens, Garden To bring in the water element and provide a certain Zen balance to your garden, you can equip yourself with a fountain or a garden pond. Note that the sound of water will be very soothing while providing a very decorative element to your garden.

Statues in the garden

Maisons du monde The Zen garden gives pride of place to ornamentation with sculptures that are installed as decorative elements. You can install mineral totems or Buddha sculptures.

An organization in flowerbeds

Alinéa To organize your Zen garden, do not hesitate to create different flowerbeds in order to honor different plants. The garden must then be graphic, which you can create with gardening tubs for example.

Lighting to create an atmosphere

Alinéa At nightfall, do not hesitate to use lighting to create a very soothing Zen atmosphere. You can for example opt for luminous spheres which distil a soft light.

The yin and yang spirit

Leroy Merlin The balance of the Zen garden rests on the forces of yin and yang. We can honor this symbol by using a floor that alternates black and white in a graphic checkerboard.

Natural furniture

Arnaud Childéric / Botanic For your Zen garden to welcome your moments of relaxation, it will still be necessary to install garden furniture. You can then opt for furniture that dresses in black and white or choose clean lines in a natural material.