An armchair for each room!

An armchair for each room!

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An armchair can dress the space and make it more user-friendly, but it is not chosen at random! Not only will you have to take into account your decoration style but also the space where you will install it.

An extra armchair for the living room

Ikea It is sometimes necessary to add an armchair in the living room in order to benefit from an additional seat. We then choose a space-saving model like a convertible armchair with contemporary lines and we opt for the same textile as for the sofa either fabric or leather.

An armchair in the bedroom

Maisons du monde In the bedroom, the armchair allows you to enjoy this room without having to sit in bed. Perfect for reading for example, it must be in the same tones as the room. We choose preferably a very comfortable model that invites relaxation. How about a stylish armchair?

An armchair in the dining room

La Redoute The dining room also has the right to its armchairs but these will be very useful since they will be installed around the table. We will then choose two models in the same style as the chairs that we will place at each end to give the look to the table.

An armchair for the office

La Redoute In the office, the important thing is to be well installed. Then place an armchair whose height will perfectly match your furniture and opt for a seat that keeps your back well. On the decorative side, leather still works! And to double the decorative effect, we also add an armchair for guests.

An armchair for the balcony

Maisons du monde To take advantage of the sun, an armchair on the balcony is welcome! We then opt for a model that does not take up too much space and that adapts well to the outdoors. We can for example choose a rattan model that we accessorize with a cushion when we use it.

An armchair on the terrace

Purpose On the terrace, you can afford a larger chair that looks like a living room chair. Large in size and comfortable, it allows you to spend long hours enjoying the outdoors.

An armchair in the library

Leroy Merlin What would a library be without an armchair to settle in? We mainly focus on comfort so that we can spend hours reading. On the decor side, opt for a common color code and try to wink at the library with the armchair. Here for example, the armrests use the color and design of the furniture.

An armchair in the dressing room

Castorama To make your fittings easier, a small armchair will be ideal in a dressing room! And here, we play the fashion card by opting for a model that presents patterns that match your clothing style. Do you like English fashion? Choose a Union Jack chair.

An armchair in the bathroom

Maisons du monde You can also use an armchair in the bathroom to transform this room into a real relaxation space! We then put on a simple and space-saving chair and we make sure that it does not fear water too much. So avoid textiles!