5 tips to bring nature into the living room

5 tips to bring nature into the living room

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Do you want a natural style decor without changing your entire living room? Know that with a few simple tips, you can bring nature into your home! Here are five ideas to transform your decor at low cost.

Green accents

Fly ### To bring nature style to a room, nothing like the color green! You can easily add green cushions to your dark-colored sofa or cover your library books with green paper.

Animals in the decor

La Redoute ### Nature is also animals! And that's good since our friends the animals settle on the cushions and other textiles. Think of the photos of animals to decorate the walls and of the fur blankets to dress the sofa.

Nature stickers

Leroy Merlin ### The stickers create an atmosphere by applying the adhesive directly to the wall. Enhance your decor with trompe l'oeil flowers and plants to evoke nature in your living room.

Grass-style carpet

Ikea ### Finally, to feel like in a garden when you are installed on your sofa, bet on a carpet that will look like a lawn. Choose a carpet with long wicks in a bright green.