New for kitchen worktops

New for kitchen worktops

In the kitchen, the choice of work plan will not only set the tone of the room but also determine the practicality of it. For the start of the new school year, the kitchen designers are proposing new worktops that combine innovative materials with a very designer look. Overview.

Black lacquered worktop

Hygena ### The high gloss black lacquered worktop finds its place in sophisticated kitchens. For this model, we choose a reduced thickness which will accentuate the elegance of its very shiny texture.

Cherry red worktop

Hygena ### For pop kitchens, dare to color! Hygena offers a cherry red worktop to bring a lively and gourmet style to the kitchen. Red combines with the shiny material to give the room a very modern look.

Glass white worktop

Hygena ### Fans of design and clean lines will inevitably be won over by the white worktop with a glass appearance. It brings to the kitchen a great luminosity and a touch of lightness ideal in association with black for a very elegant whole.

Oak worktop

Hygena ### For an authentic style, we put on an oak worktop that will proudly stand out in the center of the kitchen. For this model, we choose a significant thickness which will bring warmth and conviviality to the room.