10 good reasons to adopt the suspended toilet

10 good reasons to adopt the suspended toilet

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Suspended toilets have been on the rise in recent years. By concealing the water tank and piping, they have become more discreet and much more design than their countertop toilet counterparts. So to finish convincing you here are 10 good reasons to adopt them!

For its invisible tank

Castorama The hanging toilets hide the water tank behind the wall. This attribute which is not the most graceful is hidden with the piping. Also, remember to provide a hatch in the event of a leak so that this part of the toilet is always accessible.

To save space

Castorama Since the water tank and the plinth are invisible, it goes without saying that this type of toilet offers a light visual effect which saves space on the ground.

For its convenience of access

Geberit Adjustable in height, people with reduced mobility can also, depending on their size and handicap, choose the seat height to the nearest millimeter. In addition, the absence of a reservoir makes it easier to access.

For his discretion

Geberit The suspended toilets, due to their sleek shapes and small sizes, remain much more discreet than their counterpart with base and tank.

For aesthetics

Geberit Colors, shapes and styles are studied to satisfy the most demanding of decorators that we are.

To choose your seat height

Lapeyre Its recess in the wall allows you to choose your seat height. This is why depending on its destination, it is possible to adjust its height. Children's or parents' bathroom, each has its own dimensions!

For easier cleaning

Lapeyre Its absence of support on the ground allows an easy maintenance. It is possible to go into every corner and thoroughly clean this space.

Because they have become accessible

Leroy Merlin They are always a little more expensive than toilets with a plinth, however prices have become more democratic and they are finally within reach of all budgets.

Because it fits everywhere

Geberit Very discreet, the suspended toilets fit perfectly in a bathroom, even the smallest.