A winter garden to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons

A winter garden to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons

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Did you know that your garden furniture is not only installed outside? Indeed, to take advantage of a garden area even in winter, you can create a small indoor living room that will look outwards. Here are some ideas for landscaping a winter garden.

A kitchen in the garden

Ikea ### If you practice manual activities such as DIY, creative hobbies or even making terrines and other dishes, you can also install a shelter in your garden that will allow you to indulge in your leisure when you leave your home .

An outbuilding in the garden

Ikea ### Why not create an extra space in your garden? You can use a well-insulated garden shed to create a lounge or a room that can accommodate your visiting friends.

A living room adjoining the house

Reynaers ### For your comfort, you can install a veranda adjoining your house to create a room that is more open to the outside thanks to its glazing. Then install a reading room, you will have the impression of being outside while enjoying the mild temperatures.

An indoor pool

Reynaers ### Who says garden says pool! And during winter, you can also take advantage of it provided you install it in your winter garden. Choose a suitable veranda with removable glazing so that you can open the space during the summer.


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