The charm of the old in the living room

The charm of the old in the living room

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Today, second-hand objects have never been so trendy and, with the heyday, the urge to survey garage sales itches you. To inspire you during your next walks, the editorial team offers you a special selection "flea market spirit". Something to give style and especially experience to the most important room in the house: the living room.

A workshop-style console

AM PM We choose it in raw wood and we highlight it with many trinkets. We note the window mirror, at the back of the room, which is also one of the essential objects to adopt. Installed on a chest of drawers, it can also be placed on the floor for a more quirky effect.

A recuperated table

Ikea We love this clever mixture of flea market and industrial with this old wooden board placed on metal trestles. We also appreciate the articulated desk lamp and the green painted display case, looking like a cabinet of curiosities.

A collection of stitched mirrors

AM PM With metal frames and letters, old mirrors are the perfect elements to decorate your walls. You too, have fun playing the accumulation. The volume gives, indeed, an additional charm. In another genre, you can collect wicker baskets or old terrestrial globes.

A craft furniture

Maisons du Monde Essential and apothecary type, repainted or patinated, the craft furniture gives a look full of history to your living room. To go further, leave it in its own juice, if you hunt for it on a flea market.

An aged leather sofa

Gross Interior Product As with furniture, we put on the seats that have lived, real or studied. Prefer an emblematic Club style, like here, or Chesterfield, more British (see next photo). Special mention to the accompanying Jieldé lamp.

A chest coffee table

Goal Still in a recuperated spirit, we unearth an old trunk to divert it to a coffee table. The advantage of this system is that it allows you to store and especially hide lots of things inside.

A rusty look pendant light

Delamaison In addition to architect lamps to place or to screw, it is important to bet on the right ceiling light. Made of metal and glass, this delightfully retro light will give the desired cachet to your room.

A multitude of vases

Decoclico They remind us of the demijohns or the old medicine jars that we love. We don't hesitate to mix sizes and colors; we keep this idea of ​​collection that appeals to us.

An old clock that imposes

Maisons du Monde In this room, it adorns only the large stone wall. The sofa in natural white cotton material echoes it and brings a touch of softness. Not negligible when the rest of the decor is made of wood and metal.


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