A small space, two decorations

A small space, two decorations

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For lack of space, the space at home must be shared between two personalities with very distinct styles? Discover 8 inspirations, 8 decorations arranged in such a way that couples and siblings who have not found a decorative compromise can appropriately take over the premises.

In the girls' room

Ikea One bedroom, two sisters? Standardizing the decor is not mandatory in this case. Each occupant can express their tastes and influences in the decor. In this room, one side is white and pink, the other pink and black!

On the couch

Ferm Living Neutral color, men's cushion, women's cushion: here is a two-seater sofa that can perfectly serve as the basis for a mixed decoration.

In a couple's room

Ikéa Madame wants a charming bedroom 100% romantic and feminine? Mister wants a sober and masculine decor as possible? We found it better than arguing: cut the decor in half! A side in flowers very gently, a side with strict lines and black and white bias, quite simply!

On the summer table

Ikéa The summer table plays on parity between men and women, tinged with pink on one side and blue on the other!

In the room of the brothers and sisters

Goal Girl side in purple and boy side in blue for this room shared by a brother and a sister. Everyone has their own space and style!

On a chic buffet

Ikéa The very feminine bias of this very chic buffet is softened by a light gray wall section and a black glass. Two elements that give character to very "Swan Lake" dishes.

On the chest of drawers

Ferm Living Another example of mixed decoration with paintings of a man and a woman on the dresser. The message: the piece belongs to both of them!