Sublimate the tiled floor with friezes

Sublimate the tiled floor with friezes

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When tiling the floors, we don't think enough of the friezes. Wrong! True more decorative, they have the decorative advantage of giving volume and style to the space. Here are five friezes to inspire you ...

Nature style

Leroy Merlin ** Back to basics. The sea, crustaceans and waves no longer seem far away with this pebble frieze. Or how to prolong the marine mood, embodying well-being, in the bathroom. **

Loft style

Leroy Merlin ** Example of a gracefully structured floor. The white rods in anodized aluminum finely energize this shimmering red loft style tile for a winning effect. **

Traditional style

Leroy Merlin ** Lines of marble briquettes to punctuate the living room, that's a good idea. For all those who wish to enhance the authentic look of tiles, here is a solution to take up the challenge. **

Contemporary style

Leroy Merlin ** The taste for contrasts revealed in all its splendor. The marriage of marbled tiles and this mosaic of metal tiles is surprisingly successful. Everything to bring out the beauty of the tiles. **